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25 August 2017

Forget about Hercule Poirot and the Orient Express, Istanbul is a modern city with magical charm, captivating. Lose yourself in its history, its streets, its monuments and enjoy the W Istanbul for an unprecedented experience.

W Istanbul salon design

The W Istanbul, the city and its 1000 facets

The only city in the world to spread on 2 continents, Istanbul crystallizes the union of the east and the west. From Byzantium to Istanbul via Constantinople, the city is full of history and its unique architecture is the witness. However, nothing is fixed in time, the captivating quoted is very young, dynamic, constantly moving. It is huge and sprawling on both its European and Asian shores. Just like New York, Istanbul never sleeps and living to the rhythm of the city is a true sensory experience, no matter the time of day or night.

W Istanbul who3028ed-127579-Bosphorus view Detail

The spices of the Egyptian Bazaar enchant your sense of smell, the changing colors of the Bosphorus impress your eyes, the soft marble of a Hammam soothes your body, the concert of the horns at the peak hour rhythm your escapade and the sweets of Turkish cuisine as well as The delicious fruits delight your palate. Istanbul also has an exceptional artistic scene. Architects, designers, designers, artists all draw from this magical city to find their inspirations. At the turn of a walk, one marvels at a unique architecture or a gallery of contemporary art. Discovering Istanbul means taking your time, time to get lost and enjoy all the facets of the city. But you also have to think about resting, relaxing after a day of wonderful discoveries.

The W Istanbul, a unique place where everything becomes possible

First W hotel to be opened in Europe, WIstanbul is located in the heart of a district of art and design galleries. Historically, the building was intended to house the high officers of the Dolmabahce Palace.

W Istanbul who3028ex-164374-Exterior

W Istanbul who3028ex-164373-Exterior

Opened in 2007, the hotel was entirely designed by the architect Stambouliote Mahmut Anlar. It has managed to make the spirit of the W Hotels coexist with the Ottoman beauty of Istanbul. As soon as you enter, you are immersed in opulence and incredible. A set of mirrors and reflections dress the walls of the entrance hall. The latter was conceived as a reminder of the textures and visible materials within the Dolmabache Palace, located below the hotel.

W Istanbul couloir

The elegant furniture is also designed by Mahmut Anlar and gives the Lounge of the hotel a unique atmosphere between modernity and Ottoman style. The warm colors present in all the spaces of the hotel allow to accentuate this impression of well being and privacy. A true cocoon in the heart of the city, WIstanbul offers rooms with small outdoor huts to relax.

W Istanbul who3028gr-77438-Marvelous Room

W Istanbul who3028gr-77439-Marvelous Room

Mahmut Anlar explains that he has sought to enlarge the size of the rooms while providing a space for relaxation. These small private cabins are perfect to have a last drink with the chosen one of his heart while taking advantage of the ambient softness of the city.

W Istanbul who3028gr-164379-Cool Corner Suite

W Istanbul who3028gr-133963-E Wow Suite - Bedroom

W Istanbul who3028gr-127571-Wow Suite Bedroom

W Istanbul who3028gr-133960-E Wow Suite - Sitting Room (1)

The Extrem Wow Suite is the largest suite in the hotel with private access and a small terrace overlooking the Bosphorus. In addition to high-tech and design equipment, this suite offers a DJ Booth as well as a traditional and private Turkish bath area.

W Istanbul who3028gb-133964-E Wow Suite - Turkish Bath

Just like the whole hotel, the kitchen is a beautiful meeting between modernity and Ottoman culture. Thus, you can taste several must-see Turkish gastronomy while sipping a unique and delicious cocktail.

W Istanbul bar

W Istanbul who3028re-164377-W Lounge

WI Istanbul is the ideal starting point for your stay in Istanbul, a time-honored space where tradition and design combine. Moreover, take advantage of the WInsider's good ideas to discover the city according to your wishes.

The W Insider, your best ally to discover Istanbul

Forget the classic concierge, with your WInsider you will be able to discover your destination in a unique way: yours!

The WInsider is a resident of the city and looking for the best places just for you. Each month he makes a list of his favorite places, whether art galleries or design, restaurants, shops, etc. So if you are looking for a unique place to have a drink or the latest art gallery in fashion, the WInsider will provide you with good advice. The advantage is that the latter living on the spot knows truly the habits as well as the hidden places of the city.

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  • W Istanbul détaisls design
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  • W Istanbul design

Thanks to it, Istanbul will not have any secrets for you either day or night you will always find something magical to do: a cruise on the Bosphorus, a visit to Istanbul Modern, Art, a lunch in a secret place, etc. The hotel does not have a swimming pool, but thanks to the WInsider you can visit one of the best traditional Hamman in Istanbul and experience a unique and relaxing experience. Combined your WInsider with the Whatever / Whenever service and your stay will become a dream: no matter what you want when you contact the Whatever / Whenever service, everything becomes possible!

Istanbul is a magical city with its inescapable and secrets. Thanks to the elegant rooms and services of the WIstanbul you can discover it according to your desires and at your own pace. My advice to enjoy the beauties of the city, lose yourself in its alleys and discover its hidden charms, while relaxing with delicious delicacies in your outside hut.

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