Visit your future home in virtual reality

12 February 2018


The living room, the bedroom and the dining room of this house seem true, but the rooms were all created to measure thanks to the application developed by the Azza VR company of Quebecois Richard Blouin and Félix Leblanc. Thanks to controllers and a virtual reality headset, it is possible to roam freely. The software is so precise that it allows you to adjust the light level and the location of the books on the furniture.

A Montrealer who wants to visit a house in Rimouski will be able to do so in the comfort of the offices of his real estate agency thanks to virtual reality in just a year or two, according to entrepreneurs specialized in this field.

"It's a matter of time, because the technology is there. All that remains is to make it available, "explains Richard Blouin.

Richard Blouin, Azza VR co-founder

The entrepreneur who previously worked in the development of flight simulators for pilot apprentices joined two partners last year to found his own virtual reality company, Azza VR.

The firm develops an application that allows, by donning virtual reality glasses and grasping two special joysticks, to move inside a virtual house as if we were there.

Yesterday, at the ExpoHabitation, at the Montreal Olympic Stadium, the curious crowded in front of the Azza VR kiosk to put on the glasses and visit the corridors of a majestic mountain dwelling.

First Québécoise

It would be the first application of the genre developed by Quebecers, according to another co-founder of Azza VR, Félix Leblanc.

And within a few years, all real estate companies will offer their customers the chance to visit their next purchase virtually, he believes.

"Those who do not offer it, we can compare them to companies that did not have a website with the arrival of the Internet," gives an example Mr. Leblanc.

Even the furniture

A strength of the application developed by Azza VR is that it allows you to easily change what you see through virtual reality glasses, said Richard Blouin.

"It allows us to play with all the elements of the house, the light levels, the colors and even the location of the furniture," he says.

At the moment, Azza VR is mainly selling its new application to companies or architectural firms that want to offer the option of virtual reality to their customers.

But whether for foreign investors who want to visit the condo they will buy in another country or just for the owner who wants to see the return of its next renovations, the applications of this technology are numerous, says Mr. Leblanc

Shop furniture

The automotive and retail sectors may also be interested in the application, believe its designers.

"Imagine being able to visit a remote furniture store! Exclaims Felix Leblanc.

A visit in person is still more appropriate for the fans of the touch who want absolutely to open all the drawers of the kitchen before buying a property, admits Mr. Blouin.

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