Luxury seen by the architects of Barn in the city

1 November 2017

They founded Barn in the city. Nancy Torreele and Martijn Van Rijn, answer questions from Belorizon Group and talk about luxury, design and architecture.

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Nancy Torreele, Creative Director of Barn In The City and Martijn Van Rijn, Commercial Director of Barn In The City, partners and partners in life.

What is your background ?

Nancy Torreele: I studied fashion in Italy and then worked for various fashion designers (Dries van Noten, Mario Valentino, Basil and others). After a long career in this industry I decided to pursue my other passion, interior design. I have run my design company 'Pure Taste in Interior Design' for 10 years now. While working in high end residential design, I founded the furniture brand "Barn in The City".

Martijn van Rijn: I have been working for more than 15 years in the luxury industry. After almost a decade transforming a luxury flooring company in Amsterdam into an internationally recognized brand, I jumped at the opportunity to join Barn In The City in its early days. My passion for furniture combined with my love of design made a transition that was made less by conviction than by passion.

BARN IN THE CITY_showerpanel Antique White Iced Barn wood

Why did you choose this job?

Nancy: I've been creative all my life, so the step between fashion and interior design is something that should happen.

What are the qualities needed to do this job?

Perseverance, joy, passion and creation.

Once you have decided to take the plunge, there is no turning back, you have to keep your eyes open and on the future.

What is your advice for a successful life?

Being creative, there is always a solution up to the challenge. Do what you do best and do not consider a no as an answer. And to love life, which only gave us once, make it count.

BARN IN THE CITY_dining table Nicolas Iced Grey Barn wood loft

BARN IN THE CITY_Christian front

About Barn in the City

How could you define the brand Barn in the City? What makes it unique?

We are an innovative brand that offers a new artisanal approach to design by mixing aged barn wood with a modern design for furniture, decorative panels and wall surfaces.

The cornerstone of our work comes from the wood we use. We only sourced original barn wood of the highest quality, which has aged for over a century. The wood has knots, grains and a patina that can only be achieved over time, making each piece truly unique.

BARN IN THE CITY_Celine topjpg

BARN IN THE CITY_Celine side

Why did you create Barn in the City?

We have always wanted to start our own brand of furniture. But we could not find the right material. When we discovered the barn wood, we knew immediately and that's all.

It was 15 years ago, the rest is history.

Who are your competitors?

Do not think we have competition. We have created and developed with a speed that we are honestly not able to name a single similar company or that offers the same product offering. And we have to thank our customers for that.

As mentioned, we are innovative and therefore continually pushing the boundaries of the design industry. This can be seen in our inventive line of finishes that we have developed, especially the "Glazed Barn Wood" - a waterproof finish that magnifies as much as it preserves the uniqueness of each piece of wood.

What have been the major challenges since the creation of your company?

Do not wait but inspect.

Who are your clients ? How do you make sure of their satisfaction?

Our clients are interior designers and architects. We deliver what we sell to them.

BARN IN THE CITY_headboard Iced Grey barn wood

What are your goals for the future?

Our philosophy is to bring the barn back to the city. So far we are located in 11 big cities with many more to follow.

If a person had the wish to create his company, what advice would you give him?

Good things take time, so give your idea time to grow. And make sure to be well informed about aspects that we know the least but that make the idea a success

BARN IN THE CITY_desk Oscar 2

Luxury & digital

How could you define the word luxury?

Luxury is about quality and beauty and Martijn says, "It's only there when we take the time to look"

Is it possible to combine luxury and design?

As long as quality and beauty are associated. We believe that the quality of materials and textures are the true luxury in any living space, so we bring this into our work as we combine a luxurious vintage feeling with aged wood and modern design.

BARN IN THE CITY_ small table Herve Emperador_charcoal brown (2)

What is your opinion on the future of luxury and design?

With all that happens in the world today, we believe that the future of luxury can be best defined as freedom of expression and movement, design will follow.

What are the main challenges for Barn in the City in terms of development and communication?

The main challenge is to stay on top of each development and then choose the right people to work with.

Have you noticed a digital evolution since your beginnings?

It evolves very quickly, and sometimes it's hard to keep up.

Luxury and digital can they cohabit?

When it's presented in the right way, yes.

BARN IN THE CITY_Bathroom furniture in Black Silver Iced Barn wood

Luxury and you 

What are your "luxury" moments?

Good question, it depends on the situation and can end up in the smallest things. They meet most often in moments of joy.

BARN IN THE CITY_ table Herve Negro Marquina marble_charcoal black Barn wood (2)

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