Chiang Mai design week reveals vibrant Thai design

23 January 2018

The Thai design scene explodes! This is the conclusion that Belorizon was able to make during the second edition of Chiang Mai Design Week last December. This event offered a dialogue with the crafts and cultures of the world. He also focused on exhibiting the best of graphic design and outdoor furniture, two areas in which young local designers have synthesized their culture and the aspirations of urban generations.

Aware of their weaknesses but also their potential, Thai designers do not hesitate to go abroad to perfect their training and learn about other cultures. The TCDC, the state body that organizes Chiang Mai Design Week, has therefore dedicated its exhibition space to cooperation between foreign and local designers. The "Here and There" program brought together Dutch designers and other Thais who worked on the culture of the villagers. It is in the same spirit that, on the French side, Sam Baron, Studio Nocc and Charlotte Juillard delivered the fruit of their collaboration with Rush Pleansuk and Thinkk Studio.

Installation de la Chiang Maï Design Week 2017.
Installation of Chiang Mai Design Week 2017.DR

Gathered by design specialist and consultant Chloé Braunstein, their exhibition "Transfer (s)" offered 18 pieces of bamboo, lacquer, ceramic and indigo, based on the know-how of the country. Sarngsan Na Soontorn, a professor at Ensci, also invited her students to look into these ancient techniques to create physiotherapy equipment at a workshop in collaboration with the Chiang Mai Hospital. A theme that has also been used by teams from Aalto University in Helsinki and the Faculty of Fine Arts in Chiang Mai, who have thought about improving the living environment of the elderly and their relationship with their neighborhood.

L’exposition « Transfer(s) », initiée par la Française Chloé Braunstein, proposait des objets de designers occidentaux réalisés avec des techniques traditionnelles thaïs.
The exhibition "Transfer (s)", initiated by the Frenchwoman Chloé Braunstein, proposed objects of Western designers made with traditional Thai techniques.

As the major branch of the Thai economy, crafts must turn to contemporary creation to survive. Aware of this issue, the government is promoting several projects, including "Easy Thai", a collaboration between designers and craftsmen joined Atelier 2+ and Thinkk Studio. This gifted duo, who participated in the exhibition "Transfer (s)", also developed "Thingg", a collection of small furniture and objects designed with artisans specialized in various techniques.

Typographie et couleurs sont partout dans la ville ! C’est Octopus Grafik, un des plus prolixes studios locaux, qui a concocté l’identité de cette design week.
Typography and colors are everywhere in the city! This is Octopus Grafik, one of the most prolific local studios, which concocted the identity of this design week.DR

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