The most attractive cities for European real estate investment

23 March 2018

Colliers International, a property consulting firm, has carried out a study on "European cities of influence". Among those examined, Paris ranks second behind London and Madrid. Lyon finishes in the top 30.

"The Cities of Influence study examines and ranks cities based on the attractiveness of tenants, the availability of talent, and quality of life factors, as well as on economic production and productivity," says a press release. press dated March 15, 2018 and broadcast by Colliers International. At the top of the rankings, we find London followed by Paris, the duo for the second year in a row. The scale of the ranking is on 200 points taking into account the aforementioned elements to finally arrive at an overall score. London and Paris earned 146.2 points and 129.1 points respectively. Madrid remains third this year.


According to Colliers Immobilier, France and Paris should maintain its place in the hierarchy thanks to the actions of Emmanuel Macron. The company highlights the "economic development and greater flexibility of the workforce" that should earn points in the study of 2019.Arnaud Violette, general manager business development at Colliers International France, extols the potential real estate in Paris, in response to this study: "Paris is the largest European commercial real estate market with a stock of 53 million m2 of office space.There are 70 transactions per year of offices of more than 5.000 m2 for 10 years. This French tertiary real estate market is therefore very interesting.The winning of the Olympic Games and the arrival of the Grand Paris Express will make it possible to connect first and second suburbs with each other, and to create links with Paris within the city. Traditional business districts These interconnected territories are developing and benefiting from the effect of centrality. with the Parisian business districts, this new economy is establishing itself in the heart of Paris. They open up opportunities for French and international investors. "
    Among the cities studied and present in the top 30, Lyon is ranked 29th. The most populated agglomeration of Europe, Moscow, is the fourth most influential according to the ranking. England and Germany are respectively represented by 6 and 5 cities in the ranking.

    Complete classification:

    1. London

    2. Paris

    3. Madrid

    4. Moscow

    5. Birmingham

    6. Munich

    7. Edinburgh

    8. Zurich

    9. Milan

    10. Manchester

    11. Stockholm

    12. Bristol

    13. Leeds

    14. Frankfurt

    15. Dublin

    16. Stuttgart

    17. Vienna

    18. Berlin

    19. Cologne

    20. Copenhagen

    21. Hamburg

    22. Amsterdam

    23. Helsinki

    24. Glasgow

    25. Utrecht

    26. Rome

    27. Barcelona

    28. Prague

    29. Lyon

    30. Lisbon

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