Blackpearl, contemporary vision and architectural performance

8 September 2017

Already known for its surprising works such as this old printing house transformed into a complex of luxurious lofts, its modern elevations on works of old times or even the buildings of the past updated to the taste of the day, the Studio of architecture Vincent Eschalier is made, at a small, a name in an ultra-competitive domain and always in search of differentiation.

blackpearl vincent eschalier

Like the studios of architecture of South Africa or the United States, that of Vincent Eschalier upsets the codes of the aesthetic and provokes the surprise. The latest is called the Blackpearl.

blackpearl vincent eschalier facade

It is in the business district of Paris-La Défense that an old building of the 80s adorned a dark and audacious appearance. Much more than a new architectural achievement, this project is a real performance. This performance was realized in a little more than five months, an achievement when we realized that the site involved the complete restructuring of the 4500 m² of offices on eight trays, the rehabilitation of the facades and the installation of the roofs.





Barely emptied of its former owners, the work was invested by more than ten companies, collaborating and facing together the important technical difficulties, all within a very short time.





When questioned about the difficulties of Blackpearl, Nicolas Bossard, one of the architects of the project, says that "the main challenge was to find the right tone in this desire to give this building a timeless architectural ambition. Built in the 80s, it was already very dated with the polished granite that covered its facades and the red curtain walls that framed it. "


Like the black-clad vessel wearing Captain Jack Sparrow, the building received a black metal cladding to replace the existing stone. The metal frames of the curtain walls were also painted because the architects wanted to take advantage of the projecting corners of the building to detach the silhouette, thus cutting in its environment.


In addition to the monumental "solar shading" metal sails on the main façade, a sparkling, copper-colored dome was built on the roof. Strengthening the iconic character of the work, this organic form allows the work to be placed in the urban landscape of the district of La Défense.

blackpearl vincent eschalier

A sign of success, this new vision of this building now more contemporary has received a very enthusiastic reception with the City Hall of Courbevoie and certainly the occupants who now enjoy a place rooted in the future.

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