BioPoolTech invents the Bio Connected swimming pool, a solution called eco-friendly paradise!

6 April 2018

Today, evolution does not stop. Indeed, our life can be connected to various devices such as smartphones, cameras and many others. But, who would have thought that one day we would talk about connected swimming pool? Because, BioPoolTech decided to try the experiment and it works. Especially that their swimming pool besides being connected is "organic" and very ecological.


BioPoolTech is a company created in 2016 that builds swimming pools and SPA and everything related to it. Indeed, from the swimming pool, to the filters, to the objects with connected options. Also, this company is French, from Aix en Provence to be more precise. This company has established itself as an innovative player in its environment.


Since late 2017, "The Camp" located in Aix-en-Provence hosts the first connected pool. It is a swimming pool 25 meters by 6 meters for 1 meter 20 deep.

But, it has innovative peculiarities:

  • The filter system does not use chlorine, salt or bromine, but filter beads that serve as a support in a biological filter. Thanks to this solution, the Bio Filter Solution, the water is regenerated without any chemicals. Then, a reactor disinfects the water, which makes it even drinkable.

    It works with Bio Pool Safe, the first application that makes the pool connected. Whether for information on the water or to order the pool by voice.

    It is made of natural materials, solid wood.

    This innovation reduces the running costs of a traditional swimming pool by 75% and divides water consumption by 50%.

The conclusion is that Bio Pool Safe makes the pool innovative, connected and above all very ecological. Moreover, it is located in a campus, a futuristic and welcoming place. This concept deserves to be observed and studied. More information on the BioPool Tech website

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