Old real estate: the milestone of the million of sales soon crossed

8 January 2018

The real estate market in the former is doing well, posting + 15.5% increase over one year at the end of September, according to the latest barometer published Tuesday, December 19 by the Notaries of France. For their part, the prices of apartments, like that of houses, also continue to climb. Details.

952 000: this is the volume of sales of old housing over one year at the end of September in France as a whole. And the million should be reached by the end of the year, according to the Notaries of France this Tuesday, December 19th. The volume of transactions continues to grow thus showing + 15.5% increase over one year, "the highest level ever recorded", they say. The prices of the old apartments in the third quarter of 2017 have also increased by 5.1% over one year, increasing more strongly in Île-de-France with + 5.8% than in the province, with 4.5% over one year. On the old houses side, prices also continue to recover to + 3.1% - without equaling the prices recorded in the 4th quarter of 2011 - but more strongly here in the provinces + 3.1% than in Île-de-France at + 2.7% .At the price per median m2, Dijon, Le Havre and Saint-Etienne, down since 2011, "are the only cities to record a slight decline in prices over a year" specify the Notaries, while Toulon and Reims remain stable and, while other cities are rising.

"The median square prices range from € 890 in Saint-Étienne to € 3,590 in Bordeaux, so Bordeaux joins Nice at the top of the ranking." Notaries of France
On the side of the old houses, only the cities of Nice, Grenoble and Strasbourg display "relative price stability" .Nantes and Bordeaux are continuing their flight with respective increases of + 8% and + 10%. The cheapest house will be in Le Havre, at a median selling price of € 170,000 in Le Havre and it will take € 465,600 in Nice. Lastly, a share of 4.2% of foreign buyers of old housing in the province .
Notaires de France conjoncture
During their real estate press conference of December 19th, the Notaries of France also presented the typology of the available properties by budget. © Notaries of France, 19 December 2017

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