Vertical forests will come soon to wood our big cities!

16 October 2017

The two towers Bosco Verticale of Milan, two hectares of forest equivalent to nearly 20 000 plants established in height, are a jewel of architecture in the heart of city life! These two skyscrapers, designed by the Stefano Boeri architecture, are now being exported all over the world, from the Netherlands to China, from earth to heaven.

Built in the Porta Nuova district of the Milanese capital, these wooded towers are strewn with beech trees, olive trees, apple trees, flowers and bushes in total resilience with their environment. Each plant species was planted in order to respect the conditions favorable to its development: luminosity, humidity, wind resistance, etc. Stefano Boeri embarked on this fabulous project after becoming aware of the essential ecological transition that is required of us, he explains: "I was in Dubai in 2007 and I was watching this city growing in the middle of the desert, with more than 200 towers of glass that multiply the effect of heat ".

It was in the fall of 2014 that these two towers, 110 meters high for one and 76 meters for the other, were built. The impressive project was awarded the International Highrise Award and the title of the most beautiful and innovative building of 2015 by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. These two towers are not the first to join a sustainable development approach, the Paris Tower Flower had already marked the architectural world in 2014.

Today, cities are known to produce close to 75% of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Plants have the capacity to capture carbon emissions and clean up air. Thus, to include trees within the big agglomerations would make it possible to fight at the source against the pollution! These plants allowed the creation of new ecosystems gathering insects and birds formerly disappeared from the city of Milan. Nearly 9000 beetles were deposited to fight against the parasites and multiplied in a few weeks!

To achieve such results, Stefano Boeri established his project with several botanists by creating a nursery of more than a thousand trees. It was necessary to find the best conditions for the plant growth of each species, while taking into account the external environment. The size and structure of the balconies, the soil and vegetation cavities, the unpredictable root development, the resistance and the weight generated were essential modalities for the implementation of the project.

Today, the architect multiplies his project in many other cities: Lausanne (Switzerland), Utrecht (the Netherlands), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Tirana (Albania), Nanjing (China). They are no longer even apartments of 11,000 euros per square meter, but simple social housing! Mr. Boeri decided not to patent his project and freely disclosed all the information concerning him. It is part of a new era where sustainable development is a philosophy of life.

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