Casa Brutale, a villa On the cliff side

10 July 2017

Designed by OPA (Open Platform for Architecture), Casa Brutale is a concept house over the Aegean Sea. Its name defines perfectly the word Brutal and the architectural current coming from England and interpreted, later, by Le Corbusier, Brutalisme.

architecture casa brutale 5_Entrance_db

architecture casa brutale OPA_Casa Brutale_Epic Staircase

architecture casa brutale 4_Epic Staircase_db

 Casa Brutale, the break with traditional architecture

 From brutal French, and the term used by Le Corbusier "raw concrete", brutalism marks the break with the traditional architecture of the time, something that we find with this concept villa imagined by OPA.

architecture casa brutale 3_Cliff Perspective_db

In the rock, the residence immerses the future owner in a minimalist dwelling possible through the use of raw concrete but also (and especially) glass. The accent is not on the decoration but on the swimming pool that overlooks the house.

architecture casa brutale teaser_post

In the extension of the ground, the swimming pool catches the light of the sun to let it filter inside the residence. The walls of concrete seize a natural scenography of the reflections of the water in agitation. The contrast between the gray of the walls and the fineness of the blue is striking.

architecture casa brutale 11_Mezzanine_db

architecture casa brutale  interieur

architecture casa brutale 7_The swimmer_db

If the roof is actually the pool, the facade "side sea" is also made of glass. The view is then oriented towards the ocean and a panorama continuously changing. The heat is thus released by the ground in which the villa is dug, freshness is - by its way - ensured by the pool located at the top.

architecture casa brutale 14_Cliff perspective 2_post

architecture casa brutale 15_Last Perspective_FFF_sm

architecture casa brutale 1_top view_db

architecture casa brutale 2_Front View_day-night_db

The concept thus symbolizes the possible cohabitation between man and Nature, between poetry and the raw aspect of the elements.

We are sure that all people of good taste will like this new concept imagined by Open Platform for Architecture ...

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